Campus Interview


"Vishal Junnar Parivar" is the core team of 50/60 members with Junnar Tahsil as their native. This is creative, cohesive, constructive group with total dedication for social & educational upliftment of society, fully beliving in collective leadership, team spirit & democratic path, ushering the Gandhian principle of "Trusteeship"

This group initially founded the "Maharashtra Sahakar Mandal" in 1978 with three themes as its main activities for members & society upliftment/development.

  1. Financial
  2. Educational
  3. Social & Cultural

These themes later on culminated in to three branches with name and style as given below:

A) Vishal Junna Sahakari Patpedhi.(M) - For investment and financial services
B) Vishal Junnar Seva Mandal - For sole objective of educational activities in the native rural area of Junnar Tehsil.
C) Vishal Junnar Pratishthan - For social & cultural needs & development of it's members & society.

Vishal Junnar Sahakari Patpedhi(Reg.No,B.O.M/R.S.R./928/1979) is one of the leading & well known Patasanstha in Maharashtra, getting many awards from government of Maharashtra & recognised by government of Maharashtra. With total business turnover of 850 crores, it is serving to 45,000 + members through its 36 branches.

Vishal Junnar Seva Mandal(Reg. No. F- 13818 ( Mumbai) was established and registered in 1990 with sole objective of educational activities.

Vishal Junnar Pratistan (Reg. No. E- 27951 ( Mumbai) was established & registered in 2011 with main objective of social & cultural activities for social & cultural needs of the society/ members