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Dr. Gaikwad D.Dushant

Dr. Dushyant Dadabhau Gaikwad

In the area of global technological transformation in the field of Pharmacy, there is ever-increasing need for high quality education and research institutions for producing highly competent professionals. VJSM'S - Vishal institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Institute of Pharmacy & Institute of Pharmacy for Women at Ale has steadily established itself a reputed institute in Junnar taluka in Pune region imparting education in pharmaceutical technology.

We, at our modern pharmaceutical institutes, are committed to provide high quality education and research to our students with the support of our highly qualified dedicated core teaching faculty and support staff.

In order to meet the new age demands, our institutes are continuously upgrading the facilities and infrastructures so as to enable the students to prepare themselves for the challenge opportunities in health care sector.

I extend a warm invitation to all aspirants of pharmacy education to be part of this endeavor.


Drop us an enquiry our representative will conect to you shortly.